Amapola, a Filipino singer, actress, musician, television 

& radio host known to worldwide Asian American fans.

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    Thanks for dropping by.  I won't bore you with more "stuff" about me. If you Google or Bing Amapola Cabase, you'll find most of the information you need. I'm just thankful you dropped by andy ou're keeping in touch with me. Hugs, Amapola or Amy, or Polet 


    My Songs, My Music

    CDBaby Amapola Cabase has some of my CDs and so does Amazon. You can write me directly if there is a particular CD or download you are looking for from my Discography (see Wikipedia).  Some of the selections are quickly available and some are made to order. Just write me, and let me know. <3 Hugs, Amapola


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    Send me proof of order from CDBaby or Amazon music and books, and I will send you a free CD or book, a gift of your choice to thank you for your order. Hugs, Amapola

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